We only ship pallet loads of cased items. we do not ship small parcels.

All orders will be processed within 24 hours after the online order has been submitted. A representative will call you to discuss your order and your shipment / pickup options. Please note that once processed shipping may take up to 7 days to deliver by common carrier depending in your location. Please allow some delays during holidays.

*Non Permitted CT Fireworks shipments from our Connecticut facility must be shipped by a contracted common carrier or can be picked up by private vehicle at our retail facility ,Stateline Fireworks of Winchester, NH.

The only items that can be picked up by private vehicles at the Connecticut facility are sparklers and fountains that are legal in Connecticut.

Non Permitted fireworks not allowed in Connecticut must be shipped / transported to an out of state address. All cased shipments will be processed in accordance with all USDOT regulations.

You can always call us at 860-349-9747 concerning our logistics.

*Non CT Permitted fireworks are: All Single, Multi Shot or Reloadable Aerials, Roman Candles, Saturn Missiles, Helicopters and Novelties.


We take pride in our products and want to make sure you're satisfied. If something is not right, let us know. Individual who purchased the items must be the person returning the failed merchandise. Please note that shipping fees are non-refundable.

Please call if you have further questions.

Completely fired items are non returnable. Customers can only return duds or partially fired items that can be returned for an exchange.

We are not responsible for confiscations and it is up to the purchaser to research and determine if fireworks are permitted in their location. The purchaser is responsible for any permits required by the authority of the jurisdiction.